In use for several years in the field of machine tools for metal machining,
WMS has adopted this procedure in the field of CNC machining centers
for woodworking and plastic machining.

Making a retrofit for WMS means revising completely the CNC machine.

The machine is completely disassembled and cleaned, following the cycles of
assembly of the manufacturers of origin, then it's painted piece by piece and rebuilt
exactly as before.

The defective mechanical components are replaced with new parts manufactured
exactly as per the original design, electrical and electronic parts are replaced with
original or other relevant and highest performing according to technological progress.

Our qualified technicians at the end of the review test the machine in every
detail, to ensure perfect functioning.

At the end the result is a machine as new from aesthetic point of view,
but also and above all from the functional.

See the attached examples to see what WMS is able to offer.