Frequently a CNC - even if it's high performant - router is not used at its best if it is not equipped with suitable devices for locking or working pieces.
Therefore, with the application of a properly designed equipment, you can extend your CNC machine performances.

Some equipments realized by WMS

SPECIAL machine for multi drilling equipped with 12 spindle having 80.000 rpm.
Each spindle is equipped with indipendent Z axis able to change drilling program during the process.
Special software and control equipped with a camera to inspect drilling operations.

CNC for automatic doors production, run with special software

Processing multiple pieces with multiple clampings

5 axis machine for processing polystyrene and polyurethane foam materials

Special solution to machining rifle butts with an additional rotary axis

18 operating indipendent heads for spongy materials working

Parallel drilling units for wood panel working

High production special machine for MDF doors

Equipment designed to fix big table legs.

4th axis-indipendent with electronspindle 18.000 rpm for high power milling.

Here a special equipment to manage doors or large panels in general.
This equipment allows you to automatically manage the milling of teeth
and windows made ​​from the panel. Indicated in the machining of panels
made of polyurethane coated by metal sheets or aluminum.

In this case it has been done an equipment based on suction cups to lock pieces
with vacuum, accompanied by bars and reference stops for the processing
of interior doors.

In this case it has been realized a solution based on cylindrical suction cups
for the clamping of the workpiece with the vacuum; in addition we have
reference bars movable to accommodate different widths of doors and windows.

On the same machine was then applied on the operating head a device for
automatic screwdriver self-tapping screws with automatic vibrator CN controlled.

Here is another example of equipment performed by WMS: on a machine
completely regenerated has been replaced the entire part of the operating heads,
applying 16 electrospindles independent movement for the simultaneous
machining of different pieces. Around the unit has been placed a protective
structure in accordance with the safety regulations. Each of the spindles is
connected to a manifold for the suction of machining dust.

In addition to the processing of several pieces at a time, this solution is ideal
for the sculpturing of wooden panels that constitute the parts of coffins.

The picture below shows the complete tools setup with milling in order to
do the folding of panels.

Next pictures show a tools setup for machining door and window frames.